A New Vibe for the Tribe



A New Vibe for the Tribe: How a positive, pampered mom creates a positively progressing child


Join energy intuitive, multi-dimensional healer, mentor, and author of Vibrational Healing for Autism, Tami Duncan, for a high-vibe-filled day of learning, relaxation, and renewal. In this day-long, interactive workshop, we will learn and experience wonderful things:

Tuning into your child to determine how s/he feels, what s/he needs, and what s/he wants.

Asking what kids want, why they are here, why is my family experiencing xyz, and more.

Shifting your own energy, and then watch your child shift too!

Learning about the miraculous restorative power of energy healing, with practice and tips on you unleashing your inner healer.

Accessing the power of faith and banish fear from your decisions and treatment choices.

Using breathing to completely change your vibration and mood.

Finding your daily Zen: tips to keep you calm, balanced, and tuned in every day.

Understanding the importance of creating and finding your tribe as well as the mirror reflection of social isolation syndrome.

Shaking your chakras with ChakradanceTM! Unleash your inner goddess, warrior, lover and wise sage all at once (no dance experience needed)!

Opening yourself to the unlimited possibilities available to you.

Stepping into your true self – becoming a generator of unconditional love.

Integrating your high-vibe, awesome self back into the conference and spreading and sharing your energy with others.


Special offer: To all who register for this one-day workshop and the AutismOne 2017 Conference will receive a free gemstone bracelet (must attend workshop to receive).

Relax and restore during the extended lunch break with light therapy, foot baths, and healthy goodies to pamper mom, and more!


This event will be in the Summit Ballroom that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the beautiful mountains.


The sessions will be 9:00am-noon (two-hour lunch break where massage, foot baths, makeovers,and more will be offered) and 2:00-5:00pm.



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