Saturday Evening Fundraising/Dinner

Saturday Night, May 26, 7:30 pm - midnight

Online registration for the dinner is now closed.
However, it is likely that you will be able to reserve
at the hotel’s conference registration desk.

One Great Dinner: Two Great Causes

The Born to Fight for Truth & Justice Saturday Night Dinner Celebration

Enjoy prizes, surprises, red carpet, photo booth, deejay, dancing, comedy, truth, and good food with your friends and family – the dinner benefits AutismOne and the Dr. Wakefield Justice Fund.

Emcee: Kim Stagliano. Featuring the AutismOne Andy All Stars with Jill Bellestri, Helen Conroy, Megan Davenhall, Lisa Goes, Zack Gonzalez, Zoey O'Toole, Wade Rankin, Sym Rankin, Cathy Reilly, Thalia Seggelink, Kim Ritchie Spencer and others. 


Cost: $125 per person that includes a gift bag valued at over $50 and TWO HOURS OF OPEN BAR (exact times to be announced soon)!

Dress: Swanky.

Menu: Garden salad with choice of dressings

Freshly baked rolls and butter

Chicken Florentine with shallot demi

Chef’s selection of vegetables

Chef’s selection of dessert

Coffee & tea.


Dr. Wakefield is the target. The victims are science and you.

–  Ed & Teri

“I lost my job, my career, and my country, and that is a high price to pay, but a price that I readily paid and would pay again for these children are worth it.” – Dr. Andrew Wakefield


“Fraud,” “liar,” “cheat,” “bullsh**,” and “criminal” were just some of the charges leveled. The takedown of Dr. Wakefield played out in every major media outlet. TIME Magazine called Dr. Wakefield one of the “Great Science Frauds.” The New York Times called it “The Crash and Burn of an Autism Guru.” ABC and CNN conducted public lynchings disguised as interviews. In all, over 140 million Americans learned that Dr. Wakefield’s study that found bowel disease in children with autism and questioned the safety of the MMR vaccine was an elaborate fraud.

Originating from the British Medical Journal the full-frontal attack replaced the slow-burn insinuation of previous assaults. The campaign to discredit Dr. Wakefield and deny vaccine safety science betrays all of us. Each conversation that dares to raise the question of an autism-vaccine connection begins and ends with “famed British gastroenterologist Dr. Wakefield has been shown to be a fraud.” Outcasts, liars, and charlatans all – Dr. Wakefield was the target, but the victims are science and you. 

Ruthless in its depth and breadth and chilling in its effect, the campaign to destroy Dr. Wakefield opened the floodgates and established the groundwork to begin a chapter of aggression and expansion. Bills are fast-tracked to add vaccines to the schedule while simultaneously removing exemptions. Freedoms and parental rights are ignored and trampled. The AAP advocates firing parents who question vaccines. CPS routinely intimidates families who seek alternative treatments. And the blame stands hand in hand and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round.    

Two decades of failure culminated this April in the CDC’s staggering new rates of 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys with autism. Facing the most serious health crisis this country has ever known, those in positions of power turned their back on the evidence, experience, and science that points to environmental triggers and vaccines as the cause.

In a defining moment without fanfare or notice, Dr. Wakefield filed suit in Texas on January 3rd to reclaim his good name and redeem his work. The lawsuit strikes at the heart of the matter – the lies, corruption, and continuing cover-up. We are fighting back – at last. The battle has been joined. Dr. Wakefield’s science is sound and points the way to begin healing our children and ending the epidemic.

Those who declared war on Dr. Wakefield, and by extension, any parent of a vaccine-injured child now stand accused as the perpetrators of the greatest suppression of science campaign in the history of medicine. The British Medical Journal, Fiona Godlee, the journal’s editor, and Brian Deer, the reporter will need to answer in a court of law –  with discovery, depositions, testimony, cross examinations and witnesses –  for their part in a campaign to subvert science and destroy Dr. Wakefield. 

Join us for this important dinner celebration. You will learn how we are winning and what comes next in our battle for justice. You will be feted, entertained, and empowered. You will laugh & cry, and you will help make the difference that charts the future course of our community out of darkness.