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Power Point By: Julie Matthews Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Importance of GI Health,
Gut has constant contact with food
Physical barrier of defense against bacteria, viruses, etc.
The greatest amount (90%) of the “brain chemical” serotonin is found in the GI tract
Largest part of the immune system (70%) found in the gut
Vitamins/minerals absorbed in the gut are cofactors for enzyme reactions, metabolism, conversion of nutrients and fats
Amino acids (absorbed from protein digestion) are precursors for neurotransmitters


Power Point Presentation By: Andrea Lalama

My motivation is the empathy I feel for all the mothers and fathers of autistic children around the world, which led me to create my own website and support group. I also travel internationally to meet families and help them flesh out an effective, holistic treatment plan. I have also created the non-profit foundation “REVERSING AUTISM” to support me in my future research for everyone's benefit .


Power Point Presentation By: Mary Jo Lang, Ph.D., A.B.P.N.
Course Objectives
Part I
Understanding the Body, the Brain and the Environment as a System
Understanding How the Brain Works
Identify Factors which Influence the Brain, Thinking and Behavior (intro to framework)
Part II
Explore Brain Behavior with Regard to Attention, Memory, Language, Visual-Spatial Functioning, Executive Function and Emotional Functioning
Part III
Examine a Framework within which Individuals with Autism can Maintain Maximum Independence and Quality of

Teri Arranga

We CAN change the state of our children's health - by Deirdre Imus
Copyright (c) 2009 The Autism File


Power Point Presentation By: Dr. David L. Holmes.
What can we do to ensure that the future is brighter for adults with autism? Providers are struggling to meet a rising need for day programs, out-of-home residential placements, and in-home support services.


Power Point Presentation By: John Hicks, MD, Betsy Hicks

Overview, statements taken from this power point:
Anything I can imagine being, doing or having-I can be, do or have.
There is an abundance of everything shortage is only a perception.
Manifesting Our Desires
My future is not about my past life is only about NOW


Power Point Presentation By: Devin Houston
A slide taken from this power point,

How do enzymes help?
Break down proteins differently, more thoroughly
Prevent production of exorphin peptides
Requires optimal blend of protease and peptidase enzymes
Function in stomach, no peptide absorption occurs
Modify polyphenolic compounds
May mimic enzymes produced by probiotics?
Break down carbohydrates
Modify effect of stomach/pancreatic enzymes

Rob Wickens

Get Involved and Interact! The social network is here, the tools are in place, people are signing up and now its time to get involved and start interacting.


I would like to ask every person to do at least one thing to get the community interacting. Please do at least one of the following once you have filled out your profile and added a picture.


Today was another important step in additional attention for autism. Our friends at Age of Autism reported on the meeting and delivered us with a recording. As noted in the article written by By Dan Olmsted "...Mark Blaxill and David Kirby address the autism epidemic and its environmental roots Friday -- and one of the attendees was a member of the House who suggested their remarks may soon get even more attention."

This is great news for the autism community.


Power Point Presentation By: Sonja Hintz, RN, BSN,
Sym Rankin, CRNA, APN.
True Health Medical Center:
Our practice currently treats over 1500 children world wide.
Our patients have physical issues that impact their physical well being.
Assessment and treatment of their physical well being brings around a positive change in that child's life.