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Help Make Autism Number two for April Awareness month Conan O'Brien Meet TannersDad

A friend of mine posted this on facebook... I am tired of all the crap we get as parents advocating for our loved ones with Autism. If we are going to be treated like SH** we might as well fight for the #2 position. Conan O'Brien only follows one person.... so I am asking to be his #2 just for April... Please help #ASKConan

Please help a friend dealing w/ Autism it will take you a few secondsShare
Today at 9:27am
If you have a twitter account can you pls copy and paste what is below

CNN Fair & Balanced that is All the Vaccine Safety Advocacy groups want... Autism Answers

it seems recently that the Government, Mainstream Medical Community, and Pharmaceutical companies can white wash the walls of dissension with the stroke of a pen. The leaders of the safe vaccine advocacy community are saying after Fridays announcement that Thimerosal the mercury preservative in vaccines has been cleared by a vaccine court ruling in 3 test cases are upset. They say “Government attorneys defend a government program using government-funded science before government judges.

Crank up the buzz machine 5.26.10

You know how production houses get people to pay big bucks for box office hits? They pay Millions for Publicity & Buzz. These days buzz is free.... We all need to start inviting friends to save the day 5.26.10 & start asking questions about personal rights & freedoms we all take for granted. At this point we are not really releasing any specifics... Just get people connecting the date & Questions... Here are a few example tweet & Status updates. Be sure to only use 130 letters so it is easy to retweet...

TannersDad Lays it on the line. Autism & the House.

It is one thing to be rejected by your partner but after losing my job again, again, again... Let's just say I have lost track, I think my right hand has decided to kick me out of bed. I am not worthy We are not worthy. I am not going to pass the buck and write a woe is me post. No this is a larger view. The setting on this stage is on a backdrop of a family dealing with Heart attacks, Autism, & Unemployment but that just is the little punch in the gut that gets me thinking. Where does the Male go to find strokes for that once mighty ego?

Autism Advocates Tweets, Tips, Testimony, & Toolbox

Join the New AutismOne Advocacy & Social media Sharing group. The place to come for What, Why, Who, Where, & When about Social New Media Advocacy.

Autism Aspergers When the Dust settles what will be left?

Last night (Monday, December 28, 2009 ) I attended the ASAN President Ari Ne'eman Answers Your Questions Preventing Harmful Restraint & Seclusion Act put on by the Autism Women's Network. Ari has Recently been appointed by President Obama to the National Council on disabilities. I was intrigued because Ari has had a position of divisiveness within the Autism Aspergers community. He has give the impression in the past that Autism / Aspergers was a difference not a disability. I wanted some answers.

Are we really warriors? Dean has fought the good fight for 46 years.... Motivation / Autism

I am thankful today for the hurdles I have in front of me, I can still jump. I met Dean today and my life has been changed forever. Dean you see is paralyzed since the day I was born. Dean was paralyzed in the prime of his life. Four children and a stay at home wife.

A Teaspoon of Sugar... Autism Advocate says Good Bye

I thought I did it right. I followed the American Dream plan. I had a vision of the little house, 2.3 kids, white picket fence, wife & dog after going to a major university and getting a degree. Then a child with Autism and two heart attacks at 38. I sit here at the end of a year of hope promises and dreams with my head spinning. I can not imagine what it is like to wonder where my next meal is coming from or not having clean water. These are things no human should have to endure. God Bless the Non Profit Members changing the world.

We Can do More. AFAA Advancing Futures For Adults with Autism National Town Hall

At 16 sites around the nation today Friday November 13, 2009 a miracle took place. A National Town Hall for the Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism supported by over 64 organizations & Coordinating over 1000 people. The Objective was to engage, Come to agreement, propose actions, & craft a report /format for the Autism Congress of 2010.

Moving Forward Answers for Autism Merging an Island of Misfit Toys #UWAC

I am very excited this morning to have a post of mine run on the Age of Autism Website You can read it here. AutismOne is a family where we protect one another. We watch each others back and most of the time we are on the same page. Some say we preach to the choir.

It is time to fling open the doors of the houses we are hiding in and do more with unity. Our demonstrations must be louder bolder and more visible than ever. There is so much noise in the media world it is hard to get on the back page let alone the front page.