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Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism, a national town hall meeting on November 13, 2009

Powerful Videos #Autism Answers Now #UWAC and Join us for Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism, a national town hall meeting on November 13, 2009.

I am thankful for My faith, AutismOne, and the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Autism Action Answers

I have begged pleaded & acted out. To rally a group that is exhausted, no resources, and is at wits end is quite a challenge. I am thankful for My faith, AutismOne, and the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Let me say I am sorry for this post may not be my most eloquent or well formatted. I am just speaking to you from the heart. I am up again, with a bruised rib where Tanner decided to use me as a trampoline. Enjoying my coffee, the crickets sound from the fog covered bean field, and letting the fingers fly.

Mercury Ban & Boycott for Autism Economic Impact Now!

If anyone has any ideas on what to do next other than this... I am all ears. The condition of Autism has been in existence in the United States for over 66 years. No substantial advancement has been made on any front. We do not have the resources to understand, treat, care, recover, or prevent new diagnosis. We continue to use & Add to the poisons in our environment. The diagnosis of children continue to escalate to Pandemic levels.

The dog ate my homework and other excuses used to avoid facing truth about Autism

I think I have heard it all now. In the known civilized world there is no reason for a teacher to be hitting, yelling at, and physically abusing a student. If that student is non-verbal and dealing with Autism it rises to the level of criminal negligence, even assault and battery. Well that is happening more than we like to admit. I am not sure why but society gets more wound up about Michael Vick abusing dogs than the continuing abuse of those with Autism. I will be referring to the video here…

Birds & Bees talks really can not be one sided. Autism & Puberty

I used to tell my employees you have two choices. You can either laugh or you can cry. Nothing around here is worth crying about so find a way to laugh at the situation. This is not a funny topic folks people are chemically castrating young men and have urged me to do so... Check out this article....

It takes a village, community, State, Country, and world to fix Autism. Thank you ALL.

What a week... WOW! and Whew! It made me stop and count my blessings. It made me realize although we still are not doing everything we can, we do do a lot. It all started last Sunday with the awesome Article in the Champaign News-Gazette and ended with the crash of my computer network and twitter. It made me slow down and realize, even though it sounds really corny, we are all family. Even the smallest part plays a mighty big role when you are fighting for the brains, souls, and future of the next generation.

Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Democrat, Republicans & World Citizens In Autism We are a Family.

I have not really revealed my political position in the past or had a discussion in depth here. I generally feel that Politics are better left alone. My political aspirations have long been left in the dust when during a campaign speech for a fraternity executive council speech I informed the constituents that I would like to "bury the hatchet" That was ok but I went on to say... "Probably not in my opponents back"

Mrs Lieutenanant Article Please support Military families dealing with Autism

I did a guest blog post for the blog Mrs. Lieutenant. I think AutismOne should be a central location to get information and links to our world of advocacy and support. I am asking that all of you please support my effort to get an audience with Michelle Obama for Angela Warner Warrior Mom advocate for Military families dealing with Autism. We must do more....

Who is the Layperson to believe? Is there A Doctor in the house? Autism Prevalence Questions

No matter what is said here or anywhere, it does not change the fact that there is an Autism Crisis. I am always open minded to learn and grow. The basis of my Autism education is through the highly criticized lens of Google University. I would say my 7 years of intensive and indepth study of books, conferences, meetings, speeches, CD's DVD's, flyers, and personal conversations with experts qualifies me as an equal to most of those with PHD's. Many who have not had any formal classroom training on autism but just hide behind their Title.

Freedoms Taken for Granted.Voices lost. "My Name is...Autism"

The words echo in my brain every minute of everyday. Laying on the couch facing my sons room in the morning 7 years ago. It was a bright warm sunny day with sun streaming in from the large pane window facing East. My son bursts into the room running into my arms. Saying loudly, proudly, and with a smile. While looking me in the eyes, "My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner." That was the last sentence we heard after his vaccinations. He lost his dreams, ability to play, socialize, eat, and sense of world. The name tag now reads... "My Name is.... Autism"