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I joined a faith-based mom's group just a few weeks ago. I had been moving like a robot for some time trying to keep up with my family's full calendar. I hated that. I do have emotions and some do pop up at the worst times. Like when I was being the cranky, yelling, hurry up get your shoes on because we have to leave NOW stressed out Mom. I was also the weepy can't get anything done right Mom while crying in the car in between appointments as I anticipate another busy day with no chance to rest.

This Blows

While I try to be upbeat and hopeful, there are days I just can't keep smiling. Ronan looks so normal at first glance. Strangers don't understand why he behaves the way he does when they first meet him. It's painful in those moments to either try to explain things to them or to choose to move faster and farther away from them.



I find it increasingly frustrating to hear from friends having a hard time getting information to help their children. Wouldn’t it be great to have a manual or FAQs packet of individualized data to help you help your child once you get an official diagnosis. The saying, “When you know one person with autism, you know one person.” I’m always hoping someone will add “…and…..” with more advice at the end of that sentence! What does that mean? Why can’t you tell me anything else? Where can I go to get help? Who should I trust? How long is this going to last?

Home for the Holidays

I wanted to share this story that I wrote two years ago. It was posted on Age of Autism in 2007. This year, Ronan is obviously older, but he's also calmer, has some better communication skills and is wanting so many more hugs and signs of validation from us for all of his hard work. We are staying home again for's easier on all of us. We will host some of my family, those who are true cheerleaders to Ronan who only hope for the best.

Wishing all of our families peace and joy this holiday season.

The Others

Just uploading some other stories if they fit in the blogging categories. Most will have already been posted on Age of Autism (LOVE that site!)

The Others: Siblings and Autism

By Cathy Jameson

Past Perfect, Future Tense

I love being able to contribute stories about our journey on Age of Autism. I don't always find time to write, but when I do, it is wonderful to be able to share my thoughts. This is my latest and went up today.


Past Perfect, Future Tense.

By Cathy Jameson

Come Back to Me

This was something I wrote on my way home from the Chicago Autism One conference in May. It was the first big conference I had been able to attend. Friends helped get me there and back while my family waited patiently for me to return home.

Come Back to Me
By Cathy Jameson