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Lost and Found

Partial section of a great story written about my daughter...

LOST AND FOUND: "Food as treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Changing a diet transforms a life."

Life Story - Special Diet for AUTISM - "Lost and Found"

An article appeared this month in “Living Without” Magazine (October/November) edition regarding my youngest daughter Kaitlyn and our success with implementing Casein: Gluten-Free Diet. The magazine is sold in Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble as well as numerous health food stores. Since this story can not be accessed online the site is still filled with terrific stories and information web address provided below. Please enjoy the article as her father it made me laugh made me cry and most of all made me stand-up and cheer!

Vacation from Autism

My oldest daughter and I took our first vacation away from my wife and my youngest daughter, who is afflicted with PDD-NOS. The separation was toughest on the younger girl, Kaitlyn, because without a doubt her older sister is her “BFF” (Best Friends Forever). Her sad words as we left—“Nicole, I will never see you again”—uttered while tears rolled down her face, still haunt me today.

“How My Daughter Escaped the Abyss of Autism”

GFCF MFG Company soon to open will change everything in terms of products. More to follow, but keep an eye out for a new start-up venture in MA that will be opening around 11/1. An article will soon appear in "Living Without" that will shed light on my youngest daughter's success with "the Diet" and how she went from the abyss of autism to getting close to saying goodbye forever to the monster that once tried to devour her soul, only to be slain by a mother who said, "Not my child."