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So now that we are taking care of our kids. . .

Parents who are in full swing taking care of their children with autism, often forget their own health in the process. I've written and spoken at length of this crisis within the crisis; describing parents in our community as the new "collateral damage." And yet, for all of my own preaching about care for the caregiver I have recently found myself once again on the receiving end of my own advice.

The Real Reason why autism was left off of universal health care!

First, let me say I am a die-hard political partisan. . . for anything and anyone who benefits our kids!! It does not matter to me if there is a D or an R or any other label after a person's name. If they support children with autism, and their families, then I vote for them or support their efforts. So it is amazing to me that as we have listened to Congress haggle on Universal Health Care, it has become obvious that the real crux of the matter is not who to provide health care to--but rather who to deny.