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While on holiday with family, my sister made a comment about how much improvement my boys had made since the last time she had seen them – it had been about 9 months since her last visit. I cheerfully accepted her polite observation with a thankful smile. She then began to list things she noticed as improvement in their behaviors. As I cataloged her observations, I began to realize the gains my boys had made in the past year. Maybe - just maybe - all that we do is making an impact.

Winding Down over the Holiday...

As I begin my long holiday weekend, I find it hard to turn off my cell phone, shut down my lap top, and focus on my family. But I must. These outside distractions take me away from what is truly important in my life.

Are you a reference point?

One thing my life has taught me, being the father of two spectrum kiddo’s, is I am a reference point for all things, good and bad, to my children.

When my life gets frustrating, and I show anger, so do my children.
When I am in good spirits, being happy and boisterous, so are my children.
When I come home from a busy day and ignore my kids, they ignore me.
When I sit down with my kids and want to play a game and they protest, I must remember to ignore the outburst and keep working toward the behavior I want them to emulate. They reference my positive energy and begin to follow along.

New online games.

Hello Everyone,
We are in the process of developing online social learning games for children on the spectrum between the ages of 4 and 10 years. Playtime with Zeebu. You may see them here:

We would love to hear your feedback.


Stay involved with your kiddo's programs even when they are at school!

A good friend of mine is a teacher in the state of Oregon. He teaches 4th grade and is a person of great quality, integrity, and leadership. All of these qualities, however, do not prepare you for dealing with children with spectrum disorders.

Because of underfunding, my friend’s school district moves spectrum children into typical classrooms without support. He has 26 kids in his class; 25 being typical and 1 being on the spectrum.


Hello Everyone! It’s great to be part of this community.

I am the father of two boys on the spectrum, Michael (8) and Jack (6). My boys are a great blessing for my wife and I and teach us everyday how to look at the world from a different perspective.