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Career Planning

Five Simple Steps to Designing Effective Employment for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

When considering how to better equip individuals with autism spectrum disorders to attain and maintain employment, I discovered it is not mainly requirements in learning the job task, memorizing social skill scripts, giving eye contact, or attainment of independent-living skills that matter most. Unfortunately, requiring the young adult to reach success in each of these areas as a set criteria before receiving training for a job can actually jeopardize any employment outcome.

A Call to Artists: Integrating Autistic artists as valued members of the arts community.

Autism should not keep the brightest artistic minds of our generation under lock and key. Every time I go to a big Autism conference I am always in rapture with the unique artistic creations persons with Autism are making. To me, it makes perfect sense how an individual with a unique perception of the world would be able to generate works of art that are other worldy. Throughout history, this type of creativity has in many instances been highly sought and highly rewarded.

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