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My First Electronic Book Saving Deets By Zack Gonzalez

I owe Zack an apology. I got an electronic copy of his book Saving Deets a few months ago. I just was not in the right frame of mind to sit down and read what I thought would be a slog fest through the trials of initial Diagnosis and the heartbreaking frustration all of our families deal with. Maybe it was scary just the thought of having to read the book on the computer. You know I am kind of old school.

The impact on younger children of a sibling with autism

Hi. I am an architect and mother of three children. My firm is passionate for designing environments for children and adults with special needs. This is my heart.

The Others

Just uploading some other stories if they fit in the blogging categories. Most will have already been posted on Age of Autism (LOVE that site!)

The Others: Siblings and Autism

By Cathy Jameson

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