Acoustically-Modified Music: Brain Based Training for Improving Auditory Processing and Sound Hypersensitivity

People with autism often have auditory processing deficits, and may exhibit hypersensitivities to sound. Auditory processing affects attention, learning, communication, self regulation, and social engagement; and those with auditory hypersensitivities have negative “fight/flight” reactions to sound. This talk will explore using acoustically-modified music for facilitation of brain plasticity, improved auditory processing, and reduction of emotional stress responses to sound.

Alex Doman

Alex founded and is CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies (The Listening Program®). He is author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®, is published in several autism publications including Autism Science Digest; advises Autism Hope Alliance, Sensory Star, and Autism Brainstorm, and has trained thousands of health, mental health, education, and music professionals worldwide as providers of The Listening Program.