Adventures in Healing Arts- "Singing Bowls"

Having grown up with a Korean mom, the concept of healthy energy flow (or chi) has always played a role in my approach to living. So, when we decided to try helping our autistic son, Justin on a deeper level than just treating his physical symptoms, healing arts made perfect sense to us. After all, healing arts are all about creating harmony between the systems in our bodies- something much lacking autistic children. I’ve been practicing Reiki on my son for some time now, combined with kid-friendly yoga and meditation. Last week, we had a brief session of singing bowl sound therapy at the Meditating Mantis. In a session, the practitioner uses a special bowl to creating deeply vibrating sound waves that penetrate the body. The result? A deep massage of the cells and organs and stimulation of brain waves. Justin has definitely been more relaxed and he slept much better than usual that night. In the case of all healing arts, results are subtle and long term. With youth on his side, "slow and steady" is the perfect approach!