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Mental illness as well Autsim or Aspbugers

I have I mental illness that I am trying to get well again, went thought the Psych wards and now they have review my meds again as I have gotten very agitated and angry. I even punched a big hole in my bed room wall! Plus I was so agitated I was agro at trivial things and I hit someone over it too.

That was last straw, to the Psych ward I went for 2 week, as may family seeking urgent treatment as coping with was become to my parents it was becoming unbearable.. Having two aliment effecting the mental health ie: schizo effect disorder on top the Aspburger's disorder made me more explosive and volatile.

I do need this firth, life is hard enough when people can pick out that you have a mental illness! I 've had my head rubbed in the firth, because people can make out you are different! Gosh I hate that!

The will get their two desserts when they get a disability too!