The Autism Epidemic Is Caused by EMFs, Acting via Calcium Channels and Chemicals Acting via NMDA-Rs: Downstream Effects Cause Autism

Microwave EMFs act by activating voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), and many chemicals act via excessive NMDA activity. Both of these actions produce excessive [Ca2+]i which disrupts proper synapse formation in the developing brain (via 3 mechanisms), which is the initial cause of autism. VGCCs & NMDA & [Ca2+]i disruption all cause autism. Excessive [Ca2+]i also initiates the NO/ONOO- cycle, which maintains chronic effects of autism. There are many implications re: prevention/treatment.

Martin L Pall, BA, PhD

Martin L. Pall received his BA from JHU in physics and his PhD biochem/genet from Caltech. He has been on the faculty of Wash State Univ for many years where he "retired" in 2008. Since that time, he has published his 4 most important papers, none of which were focused on autism, but each of which have implications on the mechanisms of autism and of the autism epidemic. His publication that directly discusses autism is his 2007 book.