Autism One Radio 2002: The Beginning

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Autism One Radio 2002: The Beginning
Autism One… it started with love and a vision. The love of Ed Arranga for a very active boy of tousled blonde curls and great beauty called Jarad, and the vision of helping one mom and one child sleep better for one night, followed by another and another. Ed, the founder of Autism One, born in Scotland and living in California, was joined by a small group of like-minded parents and Autism One began.
Conference… in 2003 very little was available that addressed all of the issues parents faced. Conferences imprinted their agendas on the harried, hurried parent. A smidgen of this, a tad of that, but no overarching joining of disciplines to provide the answers to every concern. The model of Autism One was based on Dr Bernard Rimland’s Defeat Autism Now! Conferences which provided real answers to real issues. While the focus of Defeat Autism Now! was and remains biomedical, Ed felt parents needed answers in a variety of arenas. Dr Rimland could not have been kinder and he encouraged Ed to develop an event that would be supportive of Defeat Autism Now! whilst broadening the range of issues covered. With Bernie’s approval the First Annual Autism One Conference debuted in Chicago at Loyola University in 2003.
Autism One Radio
In 2004, Ed decided that the mainstream media was not dignifying what parents with children with autism really needed: realtime, accurate information about the cause and treatment for autism. Without real information about cause, there can be no real information about solutions. And so the concept for Autism One Radio, the internet radio station, was born. In November 2004, Ed, having known of Teri’s work in the autism advocacy community, called Teri, amongst others, and asked her to be a host of a weekly programme beginning in January 2005. Within the week, Teri had guests scheduled for the next 3 months. Sensing Teri’s motivation, when the person who was supposed to be General Manager was called away to a different commitment, Ed called Teri. Autism One Radio debuted on 11th January 2005 with SafeMinds officers Mark Blaxill and Lyn Redwood interviewing US Congressman Dave Weldon, MD.
Meanwhile, 3000 miles away…
In 2003, Teri, mom to Ian, who was then four years old, sat reading her computer screen in Delaware. On it was an announcement about the first Autism One Conference at Loyola University, bringing together the largest gathering of progressive speakers on the topic of autism. “Gee, I wish I could go to that!” thought Teri. Little did Teri know that one day she would be the General Manager of Autism One Radio, help run the Autism One Conference and would fly clear across the country to marry Ed Arranga. In 2002 a doctor had finally been honest enough to ask her if she had considered vaccines as the cause of Ian’s autism. Echoing what Teri already knew in her heart, Teri devoted all time that she was not actively participating in Ian’s therapy programme to helping children and families affected by autism, by promoting accurate biomedical information and pushing for the rights to justice for children and families. Meanwhile, Ed continued coordinating the Autism One Conference, which continues to be the largest and most comprehensive autism conference internationally.
The Goal
Autism One Radio is dedicated to providing parents and professionals with the best information in the timeliest manner for the care, treatment and recovery of children with autism. Ed and Teri know children with autism who have recovered and believe that children with autism can significantly improve given the appropriate biomedical, educational, and adjunct therapies. Respect for the parent is paramount: parents of children with autism are usually highly intelligent and have gone to great lengths to educate themselves in all things biomedical with which to help their children. Mothers and fathers of children with autism have become virtual doctors, nurses, researchers, speech therapists, teachers, lawyers, etc. with the goal of restoring to their beloved children a healthy, safe, functional, happy life. Programmes on Autism One Radio are meant to empower parents to investigate therapies and move forward safely.
one family
Luminaries such as Dr Bernard Rimland, Dr Andrew Wakefield, and Dr Arthur Krigsman all have mentioned the importance of listening to parents. The children are fortunate to have dedicated researchers of integrity working for them every day, researchers who are willing to make sacrifices in the name of integrity. This article would not be complete without citing a most beautiful quote from Dr Andrew Wakefield. In February 2004, following a set of particularly misleading allegations, he made a public statement ending in: “My family and I have suffered many setbacks as a direct consequence of this work. As a family, we consider that our problems are nothing compared with the suffering of these children and their families. For the sake of these children, this work will continue.” Dr Wakefield maintains this most admirable attitude to this day.
one vision
one future
autism one
Hosts and Programming
Current hosts on Autism One Radio who have been there since its inception are:
B oreen Granpeesheh PhD, widely-respected Applied Behaviour Analysis D expert and founder of the worldwide Center for Autism and Related Disorders. B r Byron and Danise Strain, authors of Autism/PDD Recovery IS Possible. D C B hantal Sicile-Kira, award-winning author of Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and other ASD’s and Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum: A Parent’s Guide to the Cognitive, Social, Physical, and Transition Needs of Teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorders. B etsy Hicks, nutritional consultant for Pathways Medical Advocates, author B of Cooking Healthy Gluten and Casein-Free Food for Children, and anchor of The GFCF Diet Comprehensive Video.
(left to right): Autism One presenter, Christina Adams; Autism One presenters/Autism One Radio hosts, Betsy Hicks and Chantal Sicile-Kira; Teri; autism advocate Kelly Kerns with daughter, Kaylee (flower girl) and Teri’s sister, Louise Brenner.
“As a family, we consider that our problems are nothing compared with the suffering of these children and their families. For the sake of these children, this work will continue”. Dr Andrew Wakefield
In 2007, Bob and Sandy Waters, hosts of “The Candy Store” (named after the Waters’ daughter, Candace) were mentioned with Autism One Radio in the US Congressional Record. The Waters have written and performed the song “Faith, Love, and Hope” written for Candace, which has inspired and influenced parents, organisations, and politicians around the world. Host Chantal Sicile-Kira and her teenage son, Jeremy, were featured in a 2006 Newsweek magazine article entitled Growing Up With Autism, and Jeremy was featured in a 2007 MTV episode of True Life. Notable programmes have included interviews with: Martha Herbert MD, PhD, of Harvard/Mass General, who is changing the medical paradigm of autism; and Robert Nataf MD of Laboratoire Philippe Auguste in Paris, who is the author of the study entitled Porphyrinuria in childhood autistic disorder: Implications for environmental toxicity. Autism One Radio has broadcast programmes in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Additionally, live news events such as rallies for the children’s rights in Washington, DC have been aired. Since it is internet-based, shows can be heard internationally to help children in all countries at Programmes are archived and can be downloaded to disk or CD so that they can be listened to at the listener’s convenience.
A very old-fashioned romance
Teri had also begun to help with preparations for the Autism One Conference in 2005, and Ed invited Teri to broadcast for Autism One Radio on-site in Chicago. Over the next year, they continued working intensively – usually daily - by phone and email on items related to the radio and conference. During the next year, Teri developed a deep love for Ed borne of respect and admiration. At Autism One 2006, she told Ed so, then needed to get on an airplane and fly back home. They had never been alone together. Later that year they were married; now they were a family of four, with Jarad, 12 and Ian, 8 becoming brothers. About half-a-year later, Ed and Teri went out on their first date.
How to stay sane
Families touched by autism have a harder life than many other families. Parents naturally go to the ends of the earth to restore their beloved child’s health and functionality. Consequently, many parents neglect their health and their marriages and expend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money. In many cases, children have sleep challenges that impact their parents. The general public and mainstream medical practitioners – and even other family members – do not understand, at best, or are cruel, at worst.
Autism One 2008 Conference
The Autism One 2008 Conference, to be held at Chicago’s Westin O’Hare hotel, has added new features, such as Advanced Parent Training and a symposium with Amy Yasko, PhD. The conference spans 5 days and 5+ content areas with 100+ speakers, workshops, and special events. Among the esteemed speakers are: Sudhir Gupta MD, PhD; Andrew Wakefield MD; Martha Herbert MD, PhD; Derrick MacFabe MD; Mark Noble PhD, and Steve Walker PhD. The 2008 Keynote address will be delivered by author/ actress Jenny McCarthy. Autism One is pleased to be a member of the Autism Collaboration, a group of forward-thinking autism research and advocacy organisations, such as the Autism Research Institute and UK-based Treating Autism, that believe that autism is treatable. The Autism Collaboration is the most experienced collective body of organisations advancing the recovery of children with autism. Registration scholarships are available for the Autism One Conference. Visit for more information.
What are some things that parents can do to help themselves feel better?
1 o not blame yourself for D your child having autism 2 Know that you are not crazy 3 Know that you have a right to be happy 4 Eat regularly and healthfully and take nutritional supplements 5 Vent to friends who do understand, such as other advocates 6 Take joy in your child