Autism One/Generation Rescue 2010 Conference, 5/24-5/30, Chicago, IL

The Autism One/Generation Rescue 2010 Conference will be held Monday, May 24 through Sunday, May 30. There will be many new faces from additional segments of the medical community and many new conference features! Full details will be posted soon.

Activity Suggestion

Do you think we can have a Chicago Tribune Dunk Tank or Dart board?

I'm looking forward to that ....

I love walking around networking with all and the businesses. They provided me with the latest equipment and research. I make it a point every year to pass by all the booths at the Autism One Conference. The finest products are made available for you to purchase. I walked out with so much information and bought a ton of books, it was amazing!
Throughout this astounding weekend, I really did make myself volnerable. I introduced myself to hundreds of people, and let me tell you something, there were so many fabulous people and families that I met from all over the world.... I met individuals from France, England, Canada, just to name a few! The education was up lifting and exciting. I can hardly wait! Autism One and Taca provided many opportunities to mingle with social gatherings, a yummy banquet, the list goes on and on!
Teri, let's not forget we do need a meeting in place months prior to this conference.......


Our family would love nothing better than to attend this conference, any idea as to the costs, and will there be daycare provided?