Autism Treatment Workshop - San Francisco, January 30th - Dr. Woeller, Julie Matthews, Stan Kurtz.

If you know someone who cares for a child with autism, please tell them about this important Autism Treatment Workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area - or please attend yourself. Three leading autism educators (including myself) will be informing parents of the latest medical treatments, supplementation, nutrition, and special diets that are helping children on the spectrum.

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Due to the sheer need for local education and support, my husband Martin and I are spearheading multiple parent and professional organizations and autism specialists in collaborating to inform and empower parents and caregivers with meaningful treatment information available. Many people still do not realize that autism is treatable. To help shift this awareness in 2010, I invite you to attend and tell others.

The full-day workshop features three leading autism educators: a Physician (Dr. Kurt Woeller-DAN! Doctor); a Nutritionist (Julie Matthews-Autism Nutritionist/Author); and a Parent whose child has recovered from autism (Stan Kurtz-Father/Researcher). Attendees will gain actionable information based on clinical and parental experience, and connect with reputable resources for support.

There is a growing list of sponsors and collaborators, clearly many realize the need for 1-day regional, Hope Into Action event. Kindly help us share this information by e-mailing this post to others, or enroll to attend.

We believe that with key information and personal connection, Bay Area parents can learn, find hope, take action and lead the way for other parents nationwide.

Autism: Hope in Action will be held on Saturday, January 30th at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Learn more at: or call 415.235.2960.

I appreciate all support in this collective effort to shift the course of autism.

Thank you!