Beyond the GFCF Diet Implementation

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Beyond a GFCF Diet
Making Changes
Develop a new routine
Monday bone broth  Saturday meatloaf  Sunday special breads, crackers Use aids: crock pot, bread machine

Learn to cook without
processed foods Share family meals
Consider Your Child
Allergies, intolerances Rotation diet, SCD, GFCF, more Likes and dislikes Picky eaters
Textures  Smell, taste, visual Adapt and modify favorite foods

Create safe environment
Strategies for Success
Prepare a written meal plan

Consider family needs
Picky eaters Adapt family favorites

Develop a grocery list
Know what you need Locate hard to find ingredients
Sample Meal Plan
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Turkey Meatloaf Mashed sweet potatoes Sautéed broccoli Beef Pot Roast with beets and celery root Scrambled eggs and bacon Lamb kofta Cultured veggies Sautéed spinach Blueberry smoothie Turkey patty Chicken apple sausage Sweet potato patties Fresh fruit Black Bean Chili Mole Almond crackers
Oven “fried” chicken Tuscan Chicken Pasta fingers with dipping sauce with sautéed zucchini or Steamed green beans kale
Snacks: Remember to include protein, carb and fat. Sliced apple or pear with nut/seed butter; Hummus and raw veggies; almonds or other nut/seed and unsweetened applesauce; trail mix, smoothie, coconut date balls
Overcome the Obstacles
Cost too much!
Improves with meal planning  Pay now or pay later Too hard

Change your focus, support groups  Cookbooks and magazines for inspiration

Stick to it!
Make a commitment Reevaluate and adjust Meet with a diet counselor/food coach if you need
assistance Food Matters! You are what you eat.