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Beyond Natural Cures Autism Group

Beyond Natural Cures Autism Group

Welcome to Dr. Aurore's autism group- I am a non-conventional naturopath that believes that every child can be healed of autism. After healing my own son and writing my book "Beyond Natural Cures" I now reach out to the national autism the community. Come be apart of healing!
You can find more information at my website

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anybody home????

posted aweek ago no response till now is this group active???


my 2 and a half daughter was recently diagnosed we are starting an ABA program.
as far as the biomedical intervention goes we started off with a dan docter who sent us for some testing and started us on vitamin-c nasel spray B-12 and a CF and GF diet.
I'm in the middle of reading tons of stuff and very overwhelmed and confused.
looking for guidence.
Wanted to know when you write your son is cured what do yo mean?
hope you have the time to respond hoping so much to get my child back.
Rebecca w