Building on the Foundation of Great Cooking

Sueson and Denise will demonstrate how to roast, sear, sauté, deglaze, and make gravies. They will start with basic recipes and build a meal for the entire family. They'll show how to use an ENTIRE chicken -- bones and all -- adding beans (soaked, cooked from scratch), while explaining tools and how to best use them (knives, pots, pans, other utensils). They will use vegetables that may be new to you.

Sueson Vess

Sueson is a chef, food writer, and food coach with 25 years experience. She is the author of Special Eats: Simple, Delicious Solutions for Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Cooking and a contributing writer for Living Without magazine.

Denise San Filippo

Denise San Filippo is a trained pastry chef who has celiac disease. Denise is mom to an adult son on the spectrum and uses GF/CF.