A Bulletproof and Better Life Dave Asprey

On May 26, 2014, 9:36 am

Dave Asprey’s work focuses on finding and eliminating all causes of neurological inflammation in order to increase human performance in those on the spectrum or not. He is motivated by his personal experience having Asperger’s symptoms and ADD until his late 20’s. Dave Asprey’s methods take into account high fat, low toxin nutrition, mold toxins, yeast, mercury, ozone, neurofeedback, HRV, lasers, and more. He lost 100 lbs, shed the Asperger’s behavior, and learned to have effortless focus, and today shares those methods in writing and in personal coaching. Wiley & Sons published his first book, The Better Baby Book, outlining the program he and his wife followed to lower the risk of neurological inflammation in their family.

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