A Call to Artists: Integrating Autistic artists as valued members of the arts community.

Autism should not keep the brightest artistic minds of our generation under lock and key. Every time I go to a big Autism conference I am always in rapture with the unique artistic creations persons with Autism are making. To me, it makes perfect sense how an individual with a unique perception of the world would be able to generate works of art that are other worldy. Throughout history, this type of creativity has in many instances been highly sought and highly rewarded. Think about Dali, think about Picasso, how they viewed time, space and structure in a way that would never cross the average person's mind. Their works create this incredible ah ha! moment when we realize that what we are seeing just makes sense.

While living above a bar bones art gallery for a year (cooking only a hot plate and covering up from the drafty nights) I discovered just how much art elevates the human experience. During my stay at the gallery, I felt happy, focused, and in tune with my life. I also saw how hard the artists worked to make ends meet as they lived their calling. I feel that for individuals on the spectrum that are artistically talented, pursuing their gifts can open up a valuable, self-sustaining career. By creating career paths that facilitate their abilities, these individuals can have they same things that we all seek in life: happiness and a sense of purpose.

Currently, I am working on a project to connect members of the Artistic Autistic community with the market. Thoughts, suggestions, are experiences are heartily appreciated.

May you and your family have a brilliant new year,

Steven Janak

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