CME Program: How to think about autism for practical purposes of biomedical therapy

We live in a world with so many chronic diseases. With 1 child in 68 now having an autism spectrum disorder, is autism a chronic disease with etiology common to other illnesses? Dr. Norman Schwartz will cover pathways in the body that can be predictive of autism and its comorbid conditions if perturbed by stressors. He will address the topic of epigenetics and what we need to add to our repertoire to bolster the body of parents-to-be and of children to stave off autism as well as what to avoid.
Learning Objectives:
The student will learn:
• What the discipline of epigenetics refers to
• The metabolic pathways of the body that are most relevant to autism
• What can help the metabolic pathways in a susceptible child
• What environmental stressors are best to avoid by parents-to-be and children

Dr. Norman Schwartz, MD

Norman Schwartz, MD, is an integrative medicine specialist helping individuals and families who are dealing with Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, and other complex chronic medical problems. Formerly director of integrative medicine for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Wisconsin, he is now in private practice with a special interest in the application of ecological principles to create a safer more sustainable world for present and future generations.