Cooking Tips & Tricks for Picky Eaters - and - Therapeutic Diets

Thursday, May 21: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm - Afternoon Session

Q & A follows from 4:00 - 4:30 pm

Chef Tyler and AutismOne veterans Betsy Hicks and Dr. John Hicks will engage, interact, and inform. This duo has taught sold-out cooking courses for years, and their love of working together will make this class fun for you!

The prime objectives of this class will be:
Basic nutritional guidelines from understanding pH to the importance of healthy fats
How to create recipes based on the textures your child loves
Ways to make vegetables fun
Changing the diet for the whole family - a step by step guide
Teaching your body to crave healthy foods

Check out the delicious food samples!

Betsy Hicks

Director and founder of Green Health Cube in Los Gatos, CA, Betsy is an internationally known author, radio host, and speaker. Her devotion is in helping parents find creative and practical techniques to overcome the challenging eating habits and fears of food. Betsy’s book, "Picky Eating Solutions," gently instructs parents as well as serves as a guide to everyone on how to eat well for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Tyler Sailsbery

Chef Tyler Sailsbery is the executive chef and owner of The Black Sheep in Whitewater, WI and winner of Food Network’s Food Court Wars.

Dr. John Hicks, MD

An international lecturer, author, and pediatrician, Dr. John Hicks has practiced integrated holistic medicine for over 35 years. Author of "The Power of Cannabis" (coming out this fall), Dr. Hicks focuses on the human endocannabinoid system and how cannabidiol – better known as CBD – provides powerful neurotransmitter support for autism. Dr. Hicks practices in Central California.