Culinary Health Day

Chef Tyler and AutismOne veteran Betsy Hicks will engage, interact, and inform. This duo has taught sold-out cooking courses for years, and their love of working together will make this class fun for you! Kitchen skills will be emphasized more so than recipes, and you will learn:
Customizing the autism diet: knowing the right diet is an individual choice, and we’ll touch lightly on some of the more popular diets, with a heavy focus on healthful and whole foods.

Meal planning and shopping made simple: great apps that help you organize your menu, with helpful tips for organizing recipes.

How to organize a kitchen that cuts your work time (not your fingers) in half: learn about kitchen tools you can’t be without and which ones are not worth the space or money.

Knife and cutting techniques: Chef Tyler demonstrates the proper way to hold and use a knife, which ones to purchase, and how to keep them sharp.

Kitchen tricks that will dazzle and delight you: learn the shortcuts taught in culinary school! Cinch the budget, but stretch the meals: learn how to create many meals from a few simple affordable ingredients.

Parsley, sage, rosemary and TIME: spices and herbs – when and how to use them.

Be sweet: how to decrease sugar and bring in natural options.

Supplement sleuth: great ways to disguise supplements.

Please note, if you have attended culinary day before, this class is more instructional on cooking techniques, there will be minimal food samples distributed, but LOADS of great guidance!

Tyler Sailsbery, MSACN, CNC

Chef Tyler Sailsbery is passionate about real food and where real food food comes from. Much of his culinary passion and inspiration comes from growing up on a farm and eating simple, natural foods. In his quest to educate and encourage local farm-to-table seasonal eating habits, he has appeared on the Food Network, had numerous recipes published, and taught various classes. Tyler owns and operates two restaurants.

Tara Dowd, JD

Tara Dowd is the owner of Nutritional Connections. She is a master’s degree graduate of the New York Chiropractic College Applied Clinical Nutrition program. Tara is the parent of a recovering ASD child, and she has experience in many special diets.

Betsy Hicks

Director of Green Health Cube in WI, and John Hicks, MD, in CA, Betsy is an internationally known author, radio host, and speaker. Her devotion is in helping parents find creative and practical techniques to overcome the challenging eating habits and fears of food. Betsy’s book, Picky Eating Solutions, gently instructs parents as well as serves as a guide to everyone on how to eat well for a lifetime of health, wellness, and joy.

Sherrin Ross-Ingram, Esq.

Sherrin Ross Ingram Is the mother of child with autism, CEO of the International Center for Strategic Planning, and an attorney. After seeing real nutrition help her son progress, she was compelled to launch The Foundation for Real Nutrition. As a working parent devoted to helping her son progress, Sherrin knows firsthand the challenges of trying to consistently provide a nourishing meal in a "fast food" world, and then the added challenge of getting your kids to eat it.