Culinary Reality Check ~ What's REAL and What's Not!

This day will answer questions about how to transform your kitchen into a healing tool and provide you information on what is real in the kitchen and what is not. You will also begin to unlock the answers you already have as well as doing this as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

Sueson Ross Vess

Sueson is an food writer, chef, educator and mom helping people eat healthier, especially when following a special diet, with food intolerances, celiac disease or chronic illnesses, seeking improved health and delicious food.  Sueson has hosted multiple DVDs, is a consultant, serves as Chef for AutismOne, and is a Legacy Board Member for The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center.   

Nina Kilbride Sheehan, MSN

Nina is a masters prepared nurse with extensive experience in acute and chronic care, focusing on stress and anxiety. For the past 10 years she has focused on food related issues, specifically issues that damage, as well as heal, the gut. She has transformed her kitchen and has been cooking gluten free with traditional preparation methods for those 10 years.

Jasmine Jafferali, MPH, ACE-CPT

Jasmine is a Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant specializing in gluten-free/allergy-free living as well as family and women’s health. It is her personal mission to raise her children to be healthy and happy. She wants to help you do the same and to empower you to make realistic and healthy choices for you and your families.

Bill Scheffler

Bill is a third generation greenhouse grower. He started Pure Prairie Organics in 1994 to provide organic lawn and tree care. In 2010 he started Pure Prairie Farm to grow and sell organic fruits and vegetables. He feels “fruits and vegetables that test highest in vitamins and minerals have the best flavor. So flavor is an indicator of nutrition.

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer

Gabrielle is an award-winning author, educator, cooking instructor and mom of two, including a son who has autism. Her children's cookbook, "The Kitchen Classroom”, was created from her cooking experiences with her son. Gabrielle's inspiration is focusing on the abilities of all children and working towards a more inclusive community for everyone. Her blog is

Sherrin Ross Ingram, Esq.

Sherrin is CEO of the International Center for Strategic Planning and Chief Strategist for The Strategic Thinker’s Mastermind. She is an attorney, best-selling author, and founder of The Foundation for Real Nutrition and Sustainable Living. Sherrin used real food and traditional nutrition to transformation her son’s autism to a life of inclusion and participation.

Donna Gates

Donna Gates is a nutritional consultant, author, and lecturer.  Donna created the Body Ecology Diet.