Dr. Krigsman Leaving Thoughtful House

Our respected friend Dr. Arthur Krigsman and his staff will be leaving Thoughtful House on April 1st to open a new, independent office in Austin, Texas. Patients' complete medical records will accompany them in this transition.

The new office will continue to focus on the evaluation and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in the population of children with developmental disorders and is designed to accommodate the ever-growing number of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), their families, and the increasing numbers of physicians and other practitioners who refer them. This office will function in the role of the conventional specialty consultant, with Dr. Krigsman and his staff working closely with the numerous and geographically varied physicians, therapists, and dieticians typically in place at the time of referral for specialized GI evaluation. Dr. Krigsman will continue, as always, to also see patients in his New York office.

Patients may schedule an appointment at either location by calling the New York office at (516) 239-4123