Effects of Environmental Toxins and a Safe Alternative for Detoxification

Dr. Holdford will address the following questions: How are we exposed to environmental toxins? How toxic are we? What is the effect of toxins on our cells? Dr. Holdford will speak from his extensive experience in the use and application of zeolites to explain the method of action of zeolites to remove toxins.

Tracy Holdford, PhD

Through an accelerated education program with the Department of Defense, Dr. Tracy Holdford achieved distinguished academic excellence in the fields of inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, and theology and philosophy.
For over 15 years, Dr. Holdford worked with the Department of Defense, and while much of his work remains classified, his responsibilities included developing treatment options for NASA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JSC). Since that time, Dr. Holdford has spent 20 years in private practice, consulting with a variety of clients on medical issues, and developing harmonized approaches to wellness that combine allopathic, alternative, and nutritional therapies.