Fabulous Fermentation

Learn to create a variety of delicious foods and beverages rich in probiotics!
Beverages - Kefir soda's, beet kvass, and vegetable juices
Condiments - Mayonnaise, ketchup, dressings, salsas, and sauces
Vegetables - Kimchi, carrots, and farm fresh vegetables

Betsy Hicks, John Hicks, MD, and Sherrin Ross Ingram will motive you to bring probiotics into your daily diet!

Betsy Hicks

Director of Green Health Cube in WI, and John Hicks, MD in CA, Betsy is an internationally known author, radio host, and speaker. Her devotion is in helping parents find creative and practical techniques to overcome the challenging eating habits and fears of food. Betsy’s book, "Picky Eating Solutions", gently instructs parents as well as serves as a guide to everyone on how to eat well for a lifetime of health, wellness, and joy.