A Frequently Missing Puzzle Piece - 'The Master Catalyst'

Those of us intertwined into the world of Autism understand that solutions are not as easy as '1+2 = 3' - the puzzle is one of the most in depth, complicated, and confusing puzzles that exist.

In working with hundreds of parents, doctors, and other professionals in the Autism community one of the most frequent frustrations is the concept of a 'plateau' in the recovery process. Typically seeing small changes that then seem to regress or go away. This is beyond frustrating for the parent, the professional, and most of all the child themselves afflicted with the condition. In order to not only 'get over' these plateaus, but to LEAP over them, there is a concept that is misunderstood or plain missed in the recovery process.

In order to understand this, I wanted to speak about Chemistry for a moment and the concept revolving around a 'catalyst.' Let's define the term first:

catalyst |╦łkatl-ist| - noun
a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

There is a 'catalyst' that acts as the 'master catalyst' - and no I'm not talking about Glutathione. I am talking about the central nervous system. This is the master control system for all healing and function. It lives inside your skull and spine, which protect it. So structurally, if the skeletal system is shifting and consequently 'stressing' the nervous system, there is a fundamental interference to healing and function. In order for any interventions, therapies, or vitamins to have a full, complete effect this 'stress' must be removed by correcting the skeletal system. Once corrected, many things transpire into most often progressive, permanent milestones of recovery.

This correction can only be done by a qualified and specialized Doctor of Chirorpactic. Here's a link to a couple patient cases who have seen the progressive, permanent milestones I'm talking about when this work was applied properly. http://www.healthfromwithin.net/Testimonials/testimonials.html#autism

To find a qualified doctor of chiropractic, one place you can go to is www.MaximizedLivingResearch.com . Feel free to respond with any questions or feedback on this most important missing puzzle piece. I encourage you to put it in your arsenal of recovery. It could be the missing 'catalyst' for you and your child.

Dr. Ochsner