The Future: Choose Your Own Adventure

Sessions end with each parent's exciting new journey before her or him. Cheryl Greene will share her time-saving strategies to help parents fit everything in their busy schedules. Andi Durkin will unveil great new resources to support parents as they explore and implement OPTIONs for healthier children, including a new Foundation and website with access to a parent database. The floor will open for questions and answers.

Cheryl Green

Cheryl Green is a mom, attorney and professional advocate on behalf of her 12-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome. Since the birth of her daughter in 1999 she has devoted her time and energy to researching and educating medical professionals and parents on the importance of physiology as the basis of wellness in the Down Syndrome population.

Andi Durkin

Andi Durkin is an award-nominated blogger of Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide. She is an advocate and parent to thriving toddler with Down syndrome. She is also an artist and writer with a background in marketing and communication.