Getting the YES at School Meetings: How to lead collaborative IEP meetings and secure services for your child

IEP meetings and the information provided (or not provided) can be overwhelming and confusing.  Collaboration is often referenced, but rarely found at school meetings. This session will show how, by asking 6 key questions, you can lead a truly collaborative IEP meeting and have the team remain focused on your child’s needs and not the needs of the school, institution, or others. The result is a needs-based IEP which is the goal of IEP meetings. And, YES, you can easily do this!


Vaughn K. Lauer, Ph.D.

Vaughn K. Lauer, Ph D. has over thirty years of experience, Pre-K through post-secondary, as a teacher, professor, and building, district and state administrator of special education and has held various private organizational directorships in professional development and test development. He has presented at the state, national and international levels, authored a book on collaborative IEP development called When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes!  and recently released an online program that is in place across the country and helps all school team members to understand school evaluation test scores enabling them to make informed decision on eligibility determination and for writing needs-based IEPs


Mary S. Lauer, M.Ed., M.Ed.

Mary S. Lauer, M.Ed., M.Ed., has worked in both public and private schools; elementary, middle, and traditional and vocational high schools, in general and special education settings, as a teacher, private school director, special education department chair, and transition specialist.  She has presented at local, state, and national conferences on topics of inclusion, helping students with disabilities experience personal success, and collaboration.