Global Autism Activism

I believe that the whole world has to respond to autism.

I live in a country that is not a producer of vaccines, we do not have the capacity to develop genetically modified foods but only to reproduce them, we do not manufacture herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and the list goes on and on ... but like many other small developing states, we are consumers of these products and we do so blindly trusting that everything is ok. But everything is not ok. The penetration and marketing, the rewards and profits of pharmaceutical companies, agricultural conglomorates and other big businesses are on a global scale. Every Government's policies also have global implications. So their responsibility is also on a global scale and the fight for change must become GLOBAL.

Families must be united globally - then the few thousands of cases become hundreds of thousands of cases, one march becomes many marches, one dollar raised turns into many dollars in $ US, $ Bds, $ Cdn, $ EC, $ TT, $ Jca, $ Euros, $ Yen, Pounds Sterling, ...

We need an Autism Global Network, a World Doctors Against Neurological Damage, an International Law precedent and response to irresponsible and negligent medicine and Human Rights violations, a Global Environmental Damage Watch not just for the earth but for us its human inhabitants.

When we all unite in saying, “You can no longer do this to our children and our children's children, we Parents of the World will not stand for it another day, clean up your act because your children and your children's children will live in the same world as ours and we want everyone to be healthy”; then we will move through the Hope we have now that is carrying us through many miracles into the realisation and actualisation of miraculous recovery for ALL, to a day when we will say, "I remember when parents all over the world rose up, took a stand and made governments and big companies see the damage that they were doing and accepted responsibility for it and changed the world. Boy what a time that was, a time when there used to be an illness called autism, when children showed us how to go inwards and block out all the messed up things and focus only on what is important to us. Those kids really showed us what we needed to clean up, back then. And you know what, the whole world united and the change was made".

Autism Awareness has become global, now the responsibility to inspire and facilitate healing must also become a global responsibility.

I begin my global fight here!


How do you see the creation of such a network developing? These tasks for creating a global network are monumental but necessary. I see this being the result of strategic resourcefulness. I think an organization you might find interesting is the Environmental Working Group Of recent, they did a study looking at the toxins already there in children at birth. Awareness still needs to grow. As long as corporate profits exceed loss, I believe the situation will stay the same.


Debra... there is irony in the pathology those responsible for the pandemic would ascribe to parents around the world. Far from distancing us from each other it has the opposite galvanizing effect.

No matter the country the one truth that is not open to negotiation is the love for our children. It is a lifelong commitment.

Over the next few years we will remove the obstacles and realize our shared goal to end autism.

- Ed