Global HPV Advocacy Symposium

AutismOne 2017 Colorado Conference to Host Second International Symposium on HPV Vaccine Safety

The Global Health Coalition makes declaration on HPV vaccine safety

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After its successful first HPV symposium, the AutismOne 2017 Conference in Colorado Springs, May 24-28, 2017, will host the Global Health Coalition’s Second International Symposium on HPV Vaccine Safety.

Vaccine injury is a global problem. No vaccine better illustrates the global nature of vaccine injury than the relentlessly marketed HPV vaccines. Families from around the globe were compelled, as reports of HPV vaccine injury from Denmark, Spain, India, Japan and more than 30 other nations emerged[1], to join together to promote awareness that HPV vaccines have injured their children.[2]

The families’ urgency was underscored by news that Colombia’s Attorney General formally requested a halt to HPV vaccination for girls with a history of autoimmune disorder.[3] The Attorney General reportedly stated, “It is necessary to stop the vaccine because there isn’t a scientific consensus that states that the vaccine doesn’t represent a danger to people’s health.”[4] Families who formed the Global Health Coalition at the first HPV symposium had already issued the “Chicago Declaration” (see below) to bring attention to an explosive report from the reputable Nordic Cochrane Centre critiquing the European Medicines Agency’s whitewashing of overwhelming evidence that HPV vaccines cause disabling autoimmune syndromes like POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and other disorders.

As the HPV vaccine injury controversy intensifies, advocates from around the world will convene again in May 2017 in Colorado Springs for the Second International Symposium on HPV Vaccine Safety.

Watch for details in future announcements from the Global Health Coalition and AutismOne.


The Global Health Coalition

The Chicago Declaration: HPV Vaccine Safety

On May 27, 2016, representatives from several nations convened in Chicago, Illinois, USA, for the first international symposium on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety. These representatives observed an alarming pattern of harm* after HPV vaccine administration in every nation where they have been distributed. We observed glaring evidence of conflicts of interest among government regulators and improper collusion between government regulators and the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry in every nation where HPV vaccines have been used. The global pattern manifests in the suppression of information implicating HPV vaccinations of potential harm, including suppression of efforts by medical researchers to investigate adverse events.

The global denial of harm and subsequent pattern of regulatory failures have obstructed efforts to properly diagnose and treat the injured, exponentially increasing the harm to children and adults.
These situations are exacerbated because vaccines are the only medical products which currently:
-Do not have to prove effectiveness as a condition of market approval.
-Are tested for safety, not against an inert saline placebo, but against other vaccines or vaccine adjuvants making it impossible to accurately assess safety.
-Vaccine manufacturers in many countries enjoy protection from liability, even for design or manufacturing defects.

Consequently, the international events outlined above require a global response from all who are concerned about HPV vaccine safety.

On May 26, 2016, the Nordic Cochrane Centre issued a Complaint to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) over maladministration at the EMA. The Cochrane Centre complaint confirms observations put forth by a multitude of HPV vaccine safety groups. Those who attended the international HPV vaccine safety symposium and others throughout the world completely agree with and support investigations into the ten critical issues raised in the Cochrane complaint.

However, we question the ability of any agency to investigate their own actions objectively and/or propose any meaningful solutions to problems discovered. Therefore, the Global Health Coalition calls on every nation’s elected officials to protect the public health and safety by establishing the following:

• Independent Committees to investigate the allegations put forth by the Nordic Cochrane Centre in their letter of complaint to the EMA. Any malfeasance discovered should be dealt with immediately and to the fullest extent allowed by law.

• Medical teams composed of individuals with no ties to the pharmaceutical industry to examine all adverse events reported after HPV vaccine administration. These teams should be responsible for determining whether or not HPV vaccines are causally associated with the adverse events and if so, which individuals are most susceptible to adverse reactions and why. They should also be responsible for organizing interdisciplinary teams to establish effective treatment protocols for the injured.

• Task forces completely independent of pharmaceutical influence to examine current national health policies to determine what changes need to be implemented to prevent this type of public health disaster from happening in the future.

The Global Health Coalition, the undersigned organizations and individuals believe the first priority of any government is to protect the health and safety of their citizens. If the health agencies sponsored by their respective governments to handle this task fail to handle their responsibilities, elected officials must step in and remedy the situation.

There is no greater endeavor than protecting children and young adults from unnecessary harm due to any medical intervention.

Global Health Coalition

* Following HPV vaccine administration, there have been consistent global reports of the following: headaches, diagnoses of autoimmune and/or dysautonomia conditions such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (“POTS”), and including, but not limited to, all conditions listed in the current package inserts



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(Note: Since the time of this 2014 article naming 24 countries, there have been reports of HPV vaccine injury from additional countries.)