Hello Everyone, This is Me!!

Welcome to my very first post - the first of many I hope. Here I plan to chat with you all about the trials and tribulations, highs and lows, bringing up two beautiful little boys, one of which has been diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum since he was 15months old. He is now nearly 2 and a half. His little bro is going to be a year old next week!! Scarry! I would love to share with you the good times and bad and hopefully allow you to learn through my experiences, and prevent you from hitting the many pitfalls along the way that I have met so far.

We don't believe Daniel is solely Autistic. We think he has organic brain damage due to clinical negligence at the time of delivery as my emergency section was delayed by the Trust by 30hrs when I had high blood pressure and pre eclampsia. We have birth injury lawyers currently looking into our case. So watch this space.

I have had a total life changing course since Daniel's diagnosis. I am a fully qualified nurse, so luckily know some of the routes through the minefields in trying to access what is rightfully there as far as therapy is concerned. I have found that any toys or sensory aids for children or adults with 'special needs' are automatically retailed at more than double what they should be as it is deemed a 'specialist' market. It is my goal in life to make all sensory aids available to ALL those with special needs at prices that are not hiked and are fair and reasonable, therefore making all therapy attainable to all families.

It is a well known fact that families with disabled members are often living near poverty due to the fact that they become unpaid carers and cannot work. It is my aim to help with my ideas on my blog, providing downloadable factsheets on all subjects for a nominal charge, and givng you simple and easy ideas on how to help your families reach their true potential and live full happy lives.

I would love to hear any of your comments.

I will post regularly so please come back often.

Visit my website for ideas on sensory toys and other practical help on www.digbyandsprout.co.uk


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