"Infuse Your Food"

Teri Arranga said something in our interview that resonated deeply with me: “during the 50’s and 60’s, mothers made three meals a day from scratch. The love that they put into preparing the meals went directly into the food and then into the family’s bodies.” So true! Despite the overhaul in lifestyle and the drastic changes in our eating, adopting a GFCF diet for our autistic son has had so many benefits. We are saving tons of money by purchasing whole food ingredients and preparing meals from home, instead of eating out and paying for drinks and tips. Also, eating together has provided for lots great meal time discussions. And, in my opinion, the love infused into the food during its preparation holds more value and produces greater results than any intervention we’ve ever tried. I believe everything is energy. As parents, our mood, health and even our thoughts have a direct impact on our children’s healing process. With alternative medicines and energy healings now coming to the fore, this is a great concept with which to start. So, how can one infuse food with love? As I said in the opening of my book, “worry less about making perfectly round pancakes and focus more on your true reason for cooking GFCF. If the pancakes come out misshapen, simply cut it up, dip it in pure maple syrup and feed it to someone you love.”