KEYNOTE: Targeting Scientists to Protect Government Policies and Industry Practices

Government agencies, corporations, and academic institutions protect government policies and industry practices by funding supportive scientists and targeting scientists who threaten their interests. Research on autism is being overwhelmed as public health organizations and the pharmaceutical industry control the publication of scientific information. All branches of Government, fraught with their own conflicts of interest, stand idle as corruption of the scientific enterprise abounds.

David L. Lewis, PhD

As a senior-level research microbiologist in the Office of Research & Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), I was the only scientist to publish first-authored articles in Nature, The Lancet and Nature Medicine, and the only EPA scientist working to prevent a deepwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. After 31 years of service, EPA terminated me in 2003 after funding the University of Georgia to publish data fabricated to cover up public health problems I was investigating.