Let's Get Started!!

What brings you here?

I am glad to see there is a group for adults on the spectrum!

When I first started peeking out in the world as an Autistic adult there were not many of us willing to step up and out with bold pride. Recently I was working with my youngest and I asked him to look up the word "defiance". To my surprise his simple dictionary described it as "boldly standing up"....now I understand why some people think I am socially inappropriate, or even defiant. According to some social norms and cultures my normal seems defiant.

It has been about ten years since I first started reaching out to connect to people in a safe space and place....on line. Now we get to do it here and physically meet in person every year at the Autism One Conference!

My hope is that for the next conference we have a "safe space" for us to go and have some down time. I think a group of adults on the spectrum started this concept when they started a conference "FOR AUTISTICS", not just about Autism.

For a long time I thought (and still I slip into this rut without realizing it) that if something is not specifically "FOR" then it must be the complete opposite...."against", what ever the intent is.

I am still learning and am so glad to find other adults that have already learned it is not always "us" or "them" but all of us working on a common goal for a better world for all of us.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

My Autsim / Aspbuger;s

Hello People

I am new here, I am like yourself I have autism... My parents didn't recognize it until was a adult, I was a very lonely sort person. As mixing people wasn't my strong point, I was always fighting and squabbling them when at school and much younger or I do not go towards them I play by myself . I lived in a world of make believe friends.....and do still today, not as bad but it is still there!

I now got a bedroom full of teddy bears [big ones] Dogs and a Octopus who I lovely call him as "Legs or Football head" as if you at him side on at the head , he looks like football!!!! On yes, I have some model carriages from my model trains set and a locomotive , that has seen better days which sleep with. Unfortunately, it often get squashed whist I am sleeping with it and other stuffed toyor dropped by as I am rather clumsy at times.

I like trains and rather train mad as I like train trips as well helping out in some rail museum. I like meteorology as I spent most my recess whist young trying plot out the weather. Using cloud patterns and sequences. Took years to perfect but still need improvement and read a lot books showing me how to recognize cloud patterns. Since I work out side this extra knowledge help me plan my work around the weather.

Now I re-diagnosed as Aspburger's Syndrome [high functioning autism ] I got hypersensitivity in my ears some noises hurt so bad I have to wear ear muffs to relive it. Weather related, as I hate thunder storms, send my down the twist. As it make me head ache and ears ring like crazy.

And whist riding in trains if the use the PA system and on loud volume and I unaware and I am dead to the world snorkling [sleeping] in the train leaning against the window and they suddenly make announcement, I have bad reaction, I often wake with a start and often fly up off my seat bellowing my head off because of the fright. My mate has to grab at me and and put back down my seat again as I have nearly fallen off my seat because of those PA systems been set on loud and the abruptness of waking up in bad state.

I came here to see if people here have sensory issues that effecting them in their daily life ........time to time......

Hope I haven't rabble too much about myself.....but do have some weird thing that happens to me time to time.....

Hear from you soon