Mercury Ban & Boycott for Autism Economic Impact Now!

If anyone has any ideas on what to do next other than this... I am all ears. The condition of Autism has been in existence in the United States for over 66 years. No substantial advancement has been made on any front. We do not have the resources to understand, treat, care, recover, or prevent new diagnosis. We continue to use & Add to the poisons in our environment. The diagnosis of children continue to escalate to Pandemic levels.

I have decided that we as a entire community of humans need to make an economic impact to make a difference. Here are some of my thought process and the genesis of my mission. Before people are critical of this dramatic step. I have already been told to "Simmer Down." We have tried walks, lemonade stands, golf outings, sit ins, hunger strikes, twitter days, you tube videos, media stories, support groups, rallies, books, and much more. We have asked and been ignored by the Obama administration for a meeting President Barack Obama said in campaign Promises he would appoint a dedicated Federal Autism Official, fund Combating Autism Act, and Mandate Insurance Coverage. To date none has happen

I do not care what camp in the Autism community you are. You need to help us in this mission for it to work. When it came to Gay Rights - Orange Juice was the economic engine that changed the world. When it comes to Civil Rights it was a bus boycott. When it comes to Human Rights for Autism I chose Mercury to ban and boycott. It is the second most neuro toxic substance on earth and there is a "Anecdotal" if not real connection to Autism.

Our tax dollars have gone to help the Auto industry and none has come the way of those dealing with Autism. So our main focus will be on the Ford Motor Company Mercury Milan. I came up with this idea after seeing a commercial for the Milan which claimed it to be a "Green" Vehicle. How can any vehicle with Mercury in its name be called green?

We will be active on blogs, media, Radio, neighborhoods, friends, And Twitter. On Twitter with Poison Mercury Boycott #PMB Hashtag Our slogan will be Boycott Ban Mercury ... It does not belong in on our Fish Cars Light Bulbs or Vaccines.

66 years NOTHING How much LONGER, America How much longer

What can you do today...

If you are a parent... Love your child unconditionally. Do not let your child feel they are any less because they cannot communicate the way we do or look after themselves. Do not forget to look after yourself and your significant other. ( If you don't have one find one...There is someone out there for everyone. You deserved to be loved also). Join a church. Speak to your friends. Keep up the good fight.

If you are Friend... If you have resources please consider supporting Generation Rescue as they move the agenda towards services and support programs. If you do not have financial resources provide respite services... Babysit, go with a parent to the grocery store, or running errands. Be there to listen.

If you are in the medical community it is time to wake up and do something...
If you are in the insurance industry it is time to make the people responsible pay...
if you are in the media it time to tell the truth...
If you are in the government it is time act...
If you are in education it is time to educate...
If you are in a religious community it is time to rally the troops to support families...
If you are involved in a Autism group please invite them to join the Move to Heal Autism By 2030 (MTHA)

If you are in the New York City Office of Autism Speaks... remember that $50,000 you took from my community this fall could have helped to pay for my sons therapy this year.

If you are in contact with amanda peet and have a child with Autism invite her over to experience our lives first hand and but out of our childrens and the future of others children.

If you are impacted by autism (that means you are part of the human race) Join me in the fight. Join causecast with your own cause or mine. Make a difference in our world. now. State your change! Then make it happen.

If you happen to have some sleeping pills, sleep ideas for children with autism, or want to come spend the night let me know.... I need a nap.

Say a prayer for all those dealing or not dealing with their "Autism Like" conditions.

On Twitter #FeelAutismYet #TruthFirst #Autismabc #APE #Autism #BFH #Tahml #HDTJ #HC09 #PMB @TannersDad

If you are in the pharmaceutical industry it is time to pray...

If you or a family member in the Military are impacted by Autism help me promote a meeting between Angela Warner from and Michelle Obama

People it is just time to deal with Autism....

How much longer…

Re: Mercury Ban & Boycott for Autism Economic Impact Now!

As I can see on what economy we have, the growth of loaning are becoming uncontrollable. Supply follows demand, that's how economics work – and there are few exceptions; one of them is not payday lending. Often, one of the criticisms of payday lending is the location of payday lenders, and often pawn shops as well. A recent Federal Reserve study, headed by Robin Prager, found that second tier lenders go to areas where most people don't have the credit to access bank loans – that means that supply is following demand, and the market is working. IT'S NATURE AT WORK – not predation. Instead of concerning yourself with payday lending and payday loans, why don't you concern yourself with alleviating poverty – you know, find a solution that has something to do with the problem.

Tim, I agree and disagree. We

Tim, I agree and disagree. We are still getting our behinds kicked but the connection of autism to vaccines and other environmental triggers is light-years ahead of where it was 66 years ago.

Ten years ago folks looked at me with the fish-eye whenever I mentioned vaccines caused my son's autism. Today, they sigh and many say, "We know vaccines can cause autism."

The other side continues to roll up great gains. The latest swine flu swindle, which their side now wisely calls H1N1 to distance themselves from the disaster of 1976 is a constant reminder of how pervasive their message is.

FUD or fear, uncertainty and doubt has always been a backbone of various mass marketing campaigns. IBM used it in the 1960s and the CDC has perfected it today.

I agree with your analysis for the need to make an economic impact. Targeting anything named mercury will not work. The brushstroke is too broad and it does not hold those responsible fully accountable.

In keeping with your call for economic impact, we are going to be rolling out, with GR, the Stay at Home Mom’s March in the very near future. You want change? It’s coming. And I expect you will stand beside me when we both get… you fill in the blank.