A Method of Successful Treatment for Regressive Autism - Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker

On May 28, 2014, 8:56 am

A method of successful treatment for regressive autism where in a single year more than 117 children have been able to reduce former ATEC from over 50 to less than 10, or a so-called full recovery. The successful treatment has been completely different from mainstream medicine focusing to the cause of parasitic toxicity experienced in their body’s causing irrational behavior. He lectured as well at the Autism Foundation in Venezuela 2011, Puerto Rico, Sofia-Bulgaria, 2012 Prague - in the Czech Republic among many others. At AutismOne, the world biggest conference about autism in Chicago 2013 he presented the new concept of Parasitological Vaccinosis and his protocol that has recovered more than 117 children from autism.

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