New First Responder

Hi All, just wanted to introduce myself and give you a 'brief' overview of who I am and the skills I have to share. My name's Nelle and I have 17 years experience in Special Needs Education, working particularly with those on the Autism Spectrum; I have a nearly 19 year old son with Asperger's Syndrome and I'm the author of a series of children's books for AS children.

When our son was 10 he became extremely aggressive and violent almost overnight, and he displayed many severely challenging behaviours that put him "at risk" of not completing his education or being able to remain within our family unit.

For the next 5 year we worked towards overcoming these challenges and keeping our family together. We have successfully come through this adversity and repaired relationships with each other. Our son has found alternate pathways to complete his schooling and tertiary education, and recently graduated from a Graphic Design College with Distinctions.

I have much to offer members in the way of helpful advice and strategies, as I've tread in your shoes. You can email me through my website .