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Noah is my 10 year old son who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He is mostly nonverbal although his language continues to develop and we are fortunate to see spurts of new words and longer sentences. Noah has been receiving biomedical treatments (DAN!) for the past 6 years and we believe that is a main reason we are seeing progress. Currently, we are following the protocol of nutrigenomics put out by Dr. Amy Yasko. While it was an expensive test, we now know where in the methylation cycle Noah is "clogged up." We also have in-home therapists that come to work with Noah using the ABA method which proves to be the best way Noah learns.
Although his expressive language is limited, Noah is a very smart young man and academically on level in both math and reading. Reading comprehension is checked through multiple choice questions and short answer. We know he's in there! My family is an open book when it comes to our journey in the world of autism so feel free to write with questions!