Nutrient-Dense GFCF

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Nutrient-Dense GFCF
Sueson Vess & Betsy Hicks
Diet Matters!
 What
and how you eat may be the most important decision you make  Make quality food a priority  No one-sized solution  Maintain a positive attitude  Model good eating behavior
Introduction to the GFCF Diet
 What
is the GFCF Diet?  Why do it?  What to expect  How to implement
What is the GFCF Diet?
 Elimination
of gluten and casein from
 Gluten
is the protein in wheat, rye and other grains  Casein is the protein in dairy products
 May
eliminate “opioid effect”
What is the Opioid effect?
When “morphine-like” peptides cross the blood brain barrier these symptoms may manifest:
    
Hyperactivity Moodiness “Spaced Out” Poor memory Sleep problems
     
Poor organizational skills Inability to multi-task Never feel full Urine/Stool control Crave only Gluten and Casein Extreme “picky eater”
Digestive Enzyme Activity
 Assimilation  Removal
of waste  Produced in pancreas  Prevent GI distress (including reflux)
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Other Factors to Consider
Food can manifest new challenges:
     
Food Intolerances Allergies pH Imbalance Yeast Overgrowth Bacteria Autoimmune Disorders
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Why Do The GFCF Diet?
 Help
heal the digestive tract  Eliminate toxic foods  Reduce triggers  Discover beneficial foods  Improve entire family’s diet  Enjoy nutritious meals
Re-think the Way You Look at Food
 Unquestionable
Priority  Food Is Medicine  Garbage In – Garbage Out
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What to Expect
 Not
a magic bullet  Manage expectations  Start slowly  Gradually improve diet – step-by-step
Picky Eating
 Customize  Start
small  Behavioral approach  Reward foods  Set a good example
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How to Implement
 Learn
to cook without processed foods  Use alternative grains and flours as needed  Plan healthy meals for the whole family  Address other issues
 Texture
sensitivities  Picky-eaters
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Gluten-Free Options
       
Amaranth Arrowroot Bean flours Buckwheat Corn Millet Montina Nut flours
       
Oats (certified GF) Pea flour Potato flour and starch Quinoa Rice (all varieties) Sorghum Tapioca Teff
Casein-Free Options
 Rice
milk  Hemp milk  Nut milks: Almond, Hazelnut, Cashew  Coconut milk
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What Your Body Needs
 Nutrient-dense,  Quality
quality food
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fats  Clean water  Exercise that you enjoy  Sleep
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Quality Food

    
Organic - free of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals… in the soil and on plants Non GMO Free range/un-caged Chickens are NOT vegetarians Grass fed Wild caught
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Brain development and brain function  Hormone balance and mood  Formation/fluidity of cell membrane - helps get nutrients into the cell, helps regulate blood sugar; necessary to detoxify toxins  Creates energy in cells and helps burns fat  Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3, 6 & 9

 Omega
3: Reduce Inflammation  Cod Liver Oil, Flax and Hemp oils
Cooking oils/fats (liquid at room temperature)  Saturated fats (solid at room temperature)

 Coconut
and palm oils
Cooking with Fats
Heated Oils  Coconut Oil  Grapeseed Oil  Avocado Oil  Palm Oil  Sunflower Oil  Safflower Oil  Ghee Non-Heated Oils  Coconut Oil  Hemp Seed Oil  Olive Oil  Flaxseed Oil  Walnut, Almond Oils  Flax Oil
Avoid Toxins
 High
fructose corn syrup  Trans fats  Neurotoxins: artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners  Fake foods  Soy

Above all
Artificial Coloring
 Made
from Coal Tar – Petrochemicals  Known cause of cancer  Stresses Liver  Suppresses Immunity
Nitrates and MSG
Nitrates  Free radicals in the cells – cause cancer  Detox stressor  Headaches MSG  Neurotoxin  High allergen  Cause rashes  Headaches  Alzheimer’s
Artificial Sweeteners
    
Saccharine (brain tumors) Aspartame (produces methane) Sucralose (bleached sugar) Xylitol (birch tree) Causes:
     
Headaches Immune suppression Liver damage Cramping Diarrhea Brain damage – Alzheimer's
Better Sweetener Options

Agave Syrup a honey-like sweetener with a low glycemic level Tapioca Syrup low glycemic sweetener that can replace corn syrup in baking. Brown Rice Syrup is a complex carbohydrate with various enzymes. Maple Sugar & Syrup 100% pure maple syrup, organic, grades B or C Honey extracted from flower nectar by bees, its color and taste depend upon flower source.

Strategies for Success
 Prepare
a written meal plan Consider family needs Picky eaters Adapt family favorites Develop a grocery list Know what you need Locate hard to find ingredients
Balanced Meals Sustain
 

Satisfy hunger Balance blood sugar Improved adrenal function All meals and snacks
30% Fat
40% Carbs
30% Protein
Step One
Remove: All gluten and dairy containing snack foods Replace With… Healthy snacks Make it fun. Cut food into shapes or small bite-sized pieces May use crunchy chips and GFCF pretzels.
Step Two
Remove: Processed foods Replace With… Nutrient-dense whole foods Keep foods simple and nutritious
Step Three
Remove: Sweetened beverages, juices, soda, dairy especially anything with high fructose corn syrup Start slow! Replace With… Water, naturally sweetened drinks and non-dairy Blend cow’s milk with non-dairy milk and gradually increase non-dairy; dilute juices with water the same way
Step Four
Remove: All dairy (including casein) Maintain this diet for a minimum of one week before making more changes Replace With… Keep gluten in while your child adjusts to dairy-free foods. Keep foods simple Find foods that your child enjoys eating
Step Five
Remove: Replace With… Gluten and dairy from Simple GFCF meals diet within your child’s texture needs. May use GFCF mixes for cookies and treats adding nutritious foods like pureed squash, shredded carrots and zucchini
Step Six
Remove: Gluten and dairy from diet plus reduce/ remove soy, corn and sugar Replace With… Homemade GFCF meals and snacks Use alternative sweeteners Save treats for special occasions rather than daily
Step Seven
Remove: Artificial colors and additives like MSG, nitrates, nitrites, other toxins Replace With… Unprocessed, organic fruits, vegetables, GF grains, meats and fish Read labels carefully Read “Excitotoxins – the Taste that Kills” by Russell Blaylock.
Step Eight & Beyond
Remove: Fear Replace With… Gratitude and confidence Continue to seek support from others as you make these changes One day at a time
Overcome the Obstacles
 Cost
too much! Improves with meal planning  Too hard Change your focus Cookbooks and magazines for inspiration
What’s Next
 Make
a 6 month commitment  Reevaluate and adjust  Meet with a diet counselor/food coach if you need assistance  Food & Attitude Matters!
Thank You!
Healthy Eating for Special Dietary Needs
Sueson Vess 888-682-EATS (3287)
Betsy Hicks 262-740-3000