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Parents of kids in group homes

Parents of kids in group homes

Welcome! I am a mother of a child with severe autism. She has been living in a group home for over a year. I am creating this group in order to form a support for other parents like myself with children placed outside of their care. I would like for this group to be able to support eachother in the needs of parents emotionally. I know myself that I have questioned my decision. I have questioned the care that my child is receiving. I had difficulty locating an appropriate setting for my child and information about options. I would hope that this group could also be a resource for other parents that may be facing this decision.

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How disappointing, it is just another GHOST support group. :(

Are any of you interested in talking about this- or is it just me?

Don't you all want to talk about your experience w/ having group home living kids on this site?
Why are there no posts?

2 Holidays scarier than Halloween...

Are you all as scared as I am about the kids coming home for T-giving and Christmas?
My husband will be deployed! Yikes! Anybody know where I can get a strait jacket? (Not really kidding...)

Residential Homes for Autistic Children

Greetings MK,