Pharma Apologists Revealed

Many AutismOne readers have, no doubt, been faithfully following news of the esteemed Dr. Andrew Wakefield's book tour for his crucially important expose of the real story behind the attempt to silence science: Callous Disregard.

But for every group of intelligent and sincere parents out there, there's bound to be at least one fly in the ointment who acidly regurgitates the status quo doublespeak du jour.

For the Phoenix book signing, it was the foul-mouthed Becky Fisher; for the Los Angeles County book signing it was the aptly-named Liz Ditz. Becky Fisher, a suspected Brit, might not understand about the beloved ideals of American democracy, but surely Liz Ditz of California should.

Liz Ditz tried to obstruct a portion of Dr. Wakefield's Los Angeles County event. Believing in equal opportunity, we thought AutismOne readers might like to enlighten Liz or Liz's colleagues about her activities.

Liz's email is Her personal blog is (where she also attempts to skewer the respected university professor Dr. Boyd Haley and OSR). Her Facebook page is!/liz.ditz?ref=ts. Let's share the warmth.