The Quantum Journey

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John H. Hicks, M.D
Pathways Medical & Holistic Health Center
•Recognize symptoms •Treat symptoms •Assume disease is gone
Lutheran General Hospital Park Ridge, IL
And where did you get the silly idea that you have Choices?
Continuing education comes from medical journals…
…and conferences
Ear Infections
Diabetes Obesity Asthma
My Teacher: Beth Van De Boom
The body knows how to heal. Support the body and it will heal itself.
Interaction at a Distance
+ -
Interaction at a Distance
Physics: •Follows specific laws •Everything is predictable •There is only one answer
Why this matters to Autism?
The maximal function of every system depends on Quantum Physics
Topics for today
• Cellular Energy • Structure and function of enzymatic reactions • Neurotransmitters & cellular communication • Benefits of treatments beyond biomedical
Quantum Physics is active at the cellular layer
When you change the energy, you change the function.
Making Amino Acid Structures
Chain of amino acids folds to proper structure adding a co-factor
Enzyme Structure
Without the proper structure, the enzyme is dysfunctional
• • • • • Wrong amino acids DNA point mutation Heavy metals No co-factors or wrong co-factors Abnormal temperatures
Enzyme Function
C y t o k i n e s
C h e m o k i n e s
Neurotransmitters are formed from amino acid modifications Receptors are structures with multiple sub-units.
Neurotransmitters and Receptors
Message Sent
Causes of Dysfunction with Communicating Molecules and or Receptors
• • • • • DNA Point Mutations Bacteria Viruses Parasites Funguses
• Heavy Metals • Environmental Toxins • Vaccine Contamination • Miasms
Dysfunctional Neurotransmitters or Receptors
• • • • • • • • Focus & Concentration Anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Speech & Language Depression Comprehension Processing Tourettes
• • • • • • • • Dopamine Serotonin Glutamate Gaba Viruses Parasites Amygdala Anxiety
• • • • • • • Hippocampus Amygdala NK1 receptors Hippocampal receptors Hypothalamus Pituitary Excitatory amino acids
Fear – Fight or Flight or Freeze Pathway
• Panic Disorders • Free floating anxiety • Natural and learned triggers • Neurotransmitters • Receptors • Second messengers • Meridians • HPA access
These act through receptors on all cells. It’s through energetic interactions.
The benefits are unlimited because all bonds are energetic so you can specifically affect any bond
The core of all problems is energetic Whether it’s emotional or physical
Balancing Meridians
EFT’s Acupuncture
Balancing Chakras
Vibrational Remedies & Homeopathy
Making Waves
Recording Energy
Flower Essences
Essential Oils
Gem Stones
Physical Etheric
Before Prayer
After Prayer
Heavy Metal Music
Bach Symphony
“Whole” istic Medicine
Physical Spiritual Emotional Mental
•Neurotransmitters •Behavior Modification •Removing Psychological Blocks Mind Body
•Biomedical •Nutrition •Exercise
•Stress Reduction •Emotional Release
•Communing with Nature •Religious Practice •Meditation
and go where the Universe takes you
• Change your perspective • Feel gratitude • Know that everyone in your life is a gift
John H. Hicks, M.D.
Pathways Medical & Holistic Health Center
Delavan, WI
with additional offices in:
Des Plaines, IL Warrenville, IL
Auburn Hills, MI Pittsburgh, PA Duluth & Cumming, GA Cedar Rapids, IA