Premiere! SECRET INGREDIENTS Free Movie Screening and Panel Friday Afternoon

SECRET INGREDIENTS, a film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart


Movie begins at 12:30 pm.

Panel following led by Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, BNI-P, INHC, includes Dr. Marcia Schaefer, Dr. Zach Bush, and Zen Honeycutt. 


While the debate rages on about GMOs and pesticides, this film shares compelling stories of people who regain their health and transform their lives after identifying the secret ingredients in their food, and making a bold commitment to avoid them.



SECRET INGREDIENTS, a film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart, shares the heartfelt story of Kathleen and her family of five who were collectively struggling with 21 chronic diseases. They did everything the doctors suggested, but nothing seemed to work – until Kathleen took matters into her own hands and started experimenting with the foods they were eating. Everything changed when she identified the secret ingredients hidden in the foods they were eating every day. Now her entire family is the picture of good health.


Kathleen’s experience is not isolated. This film shares several compelling stories of people who have regained their health – after struggling with maladies ranging from allergies and eczema, to cancer and infertility. These claims are backed up by physicians and scientists who explain how GMOs and pesticides can compromise our health. Truthful information about our food system is hard to find – Secret Ingredients offers a perspective rarely seen in our mainstream media.



Kathleen’s Story:


Kathleen DiChiara and her family were like most families in America. Despite their best effort to live a healthy lifestyle – exercising and ‘eating right’ – they were suffering in silence with a myriad of chronic illnesses.  It wasn’t until Kathleen had to face her own heath crisis did they realize what was happening.


Following a case of sudden-onset neuropathy, Kathleen underwent back surgery for a compressed nerve and suffered post-operative paralysis. This cascaded into a number of complex disorders including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and more, which eventually led to permanent disability. Her three children were also struggling with chronic conditions: her youngest son was covered in relentless eczema; her middle son battled bronchitis; and her oldest son was non-verbal and diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Apraxia and Autism. On top of that, her husband developed a breast tumor. In search for answers, they went to countless doctors and specialists and tried everything – instead they were left “managing” their conditions with medications and therapies. 


When Kathleen showed signs of vision loss and was told she may be in the early stages of multiple sclerosis, she took matters into her own hands. Kathleen began doing her own research on disease and learning about how nutrition affects the body. She started experimenting in the kitchen and eventually discovered the “secret ingredients” in their diet that was keeping them in a perpetual cycle of illness.


Kathleen’s and her family’s journey back to health, served as inspiration for her entry into the field of nutrition and holistic health. Now as a nutrition educator and researcher, she is passionate about increasing the public’s knowledge about all aspects of nutrition – including what is being done to our food supply, and its link to chronic conditions.