Something For Sam

Hi there. I’m Lin Wessels, otherwise known as Sam’s mom. I am an autism activist of sorts, which is how I ended up here, on AutismOne, as a blogger. My profile picture reflects my attempts at political activism on behalf of our families with autism. The more I understand about politics, the more contacts I make on The Hill, the more meetings I attend with our representatives, the more I feel exactly as that picture depicts…..locked on the outside, trying to get in. Sometimes I do truly wonder why I even bother. But then, I remember the alternative, do nothing. I guess it would be fair to say, I’m not a do nothing kind of a girl. Well, obviously I’m not a girl, but you get the point….

Since we will have plenty of time to get to know one another, enough about me for now; I’d much rather introduce you to my son, Sam. Sam is my only child. He is seven and he has autism. He is my everything! Nearly everything I am, everything I have become is because of Sam. The way I see and look at the world is because of Sam. Even the way I interact within this world, scores of people I’ve come to know and love, all because of Sam. Some of his story can be found here:

I look forward to my new endeavors here at I look forward to getting to know one another better. It may not be what I envisioned for my life, for neither my child’s life nor you for yours; but since we are here, since autism chose us, let’s help each other through this….one day at a time.

A Suggestion

Very nice Lin.
This says very much about yourself.
Would you consider adding parts of your blog to your profile?
That way they'll be more permanently associated with you.


Yes, Will. It is an excellent suggestion. I am still meandering a bit, trying to figure this all out. Slow but sure, I will get there though. Be patient with me, please. Thanks!!

Welcome Lin. We're delighted

Welcome Lin. We're delighted you're going to be sharing your experiences, observations and insights.

Thank you!

Thanks so very much. I am excited to be here!

We very much appreciate you and A1!!


Great job Lin!!!

Great job Lin!!! I could not have said it better.


Thank you! You are very kind and thoughtful!