Special Olympics Skiing

Here is one of our AutismOne members enjoying her favorite activity: skiing. With Addie it’s not simply skiing, it’s ski racing. And she’s not just another racer but an accomplished one. Last winter Washington State held its three-day Special Olympics Ski Competition at the Mission Ridge Ski Resort in Wenatchee, Washington. It was a three-day racing event with time trials on Friday and racing on Saturday and Sunday. Addie took home four gold medals (you read it correctly: 4). Congratulations to Addie.

In this pair of photos you see her on a snowy day in the mountains of Utah with one of her instructors. In the picture on the left she is following him. He is making close turns one after the other (called “linked” turns) and she is following turn for turn. Notice how she is in sync in the photo. She loves skiing and each fall begins to think about the soon-to-arrive snow.

Incidentally, her instructor is none other than Will, the AutismOne CFO.